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“Funding Our Future” is hardly just our newest tagline. Diminishing budgets and the times we live in have called for greater grassroots support and more extensive community involvement. We must advocate, and provide, for children in our public schools!

We truly appreciate the vast amounts of volunteer time and financial support so many in the county have given us over the years. But our mission stays the same. Our programs expand due to circumstances and demonstrated need in the school district. We humbly ask for more.

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Schedule a Speaker

To learn more about what the Education Foundation does and how you can get involved, please contact us to schedule a speaker. We would be happy to come speak to your business, church, Club, Civic Association, Home Owners / Property Owners Association, youth groups, men’s and women’s groups or any organization that is interested in the learning more about supporting education in Citrus County.

Men Building Men/Women Building Women (Mentor Program)

We are looking for professional adults to mentor high school students during their lunch time one day a week. The goal is to help at-risk students graduate from high school and help them create a post-secondary plan. If you would like more information please fill out the interest form at and our program coordinator will reach out and discuss the program with you.


Do you have one free hour a week? We are looking for ReadingPals volunteers for our local Pre-K classrooms to read and do literacy-based activities with two students a week for 30 minutes a piece. We provide the training and supplies! ReadingPals runs from September to May. If you are interested, please fill out the interest form at and our program coordinator will reach out to you.

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Supplies 4 Success

Our teacher store provides the essential school supplies that are needed in the classroom. We are looking for volunteers Monday through Thursday, 3-6 PM.

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First Library

The program encourages reading by coordinating “read-ins” with Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms throughout the school year. Following each “read-in,” students are given a copy of the book to take home for their own “first library.” If you would like to volunteer for a read-in at a class as a "celebrity reader," contact us.

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Join Our Board of Directors

Come join us for a board meeting! The Education Foundation board meets on the third Thursday of every month form 8:30-10:30am at various county locations. General meetings are open to the public, but we ask that you please contact us prior to a meeting if you would like to attend. Contact us if you are interested in joining our Board of Directors.

Become a Sponsor

Partners! The Citrus County Education Foundation could not do all that we do without your help. However, our programs expand as the students and schools in our district demonstrate the need for more support. We always appreciate more help. Please contact us about becoming a sponsor and helping the students of Citrus County.

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We understand that not everyone has time to volunteer, so if you can help support us financially, there are several ways to give. In addition to typical donation forms such as checks and PayPal, we also have opportunities such as Stocks or Securities donations or License 4 Learning.

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