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2016-17 Foundation for Success Mini Grants ?


All other types of applications, please see below:


At CCEF it is our intention to ensure that all requests received are reviewed in the same manner, regardless of dollar amount or source of request. When applying for funding, please keep in mind the following:

Every request for funding must be submitted in writing on the Funding Request Form available here:
Word: Application-for-Funding-2016-17
PDF: Application-for-Funding-2016-17

All requests for funding will be reviewed and considered within 60 days following receipt of a request unless a request for additional information is sent to the requestor within that time.

Please keep in mind, you may be asked to provide additional information beyond that provided on the Funding Request Form in order that a more informed decision can be made by the CCEF Board of Directors. It is the duty of the requestor to comply with any requests for additional information and if such information or presentation is not provided in a timely manner it may result in the denial of the funding request.

Timing of Requests: No request for funding will be considered for the same project within six (6) months of a prior request.

Funding Priorities 2015-2018

Although many factors will influence a funding decision including financial circumstances, projected expenses and program costs, similarly funded programs, and length of funding, the Citrus County Education Foundation has established the following list of funding priority areas to emphasize the programs it favorably funds:

Teacher Grants: Individual classroom or department initiatives, particularly in the area of STEM and literacy, designed to defray out of pocket purchases by our local teachers.

District Needs: District wide initiatives/core programs reaching a large number of the student body and addressing a demonstrated need.

Technology: District wide, school wide, or classroom-based technology initiatives and acquisition which promotes innovative learning and technological competency.

Professional Development and Recognition: Funding for the certification, training, or improvement of teacher skills and resources and the recognition of teachers, staff, and district employees for outstanding achievements or performance.

At Risk/Special Needs: District wide, school wide, or classroom based initiatives that focus on improving academic achievement for at risk or special needs students

Health & Wellness: District or school based funding initiatives which create awareness in the areas of health and wellness through programs focusing on nutrition and fitness.

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